Rubber City Noise is an art collective & record label founded in 2010 in Akron, Ohio by Karl Vorndran, Curt Brown, Joshua Maxon Novak, J. Bryan Parks & Ram Youssefi

We ran the Rubber City Noise Center for Audio Visual Exploration (RCNCAVE) in Downtown Akron from 2010 to 2014 & hosted/participated in a ton of amazing events. The RCNCAVE is now the CAVE Akron and we are returning to Akron in late 2021 / early 2022 as a DIY headquarters for live & streaming events. Follow the CAVE on Instagram & Facebook.

We release albums & multimedia projects on various analog & digital formats through the Rubber City Noise record label.

You can stream and buy our releases at LISTEN.RUBBERCITYNOISE.ORG

Rubber City Noise Lid Logo

Links: RCN Discogs / RCN Facebook / RCN Instagram / RCN Twitter / RCN Vimeo / RCN YouTube / RCN Soundcloud

contact: rubbercitynoise [at] gmail dot com